We focus quickly on your exact needs.

Vitruvian is based in the UK & the Netherlands, and has partners in a further 36 countries providing local visa, taxation, and payroll services.  This, combined with a network of Engineers, Managers and Technical Specialists means we can provide the skillsets you need on your project quickly.

Over 25 years experience


Our Management has been putting together multinational teams on projects for over 25 years with direct experience in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.


Over 14 years experience in Subsea & Marine Recruitment, and thousands of industry contacts, Chris is our Recruitment Director. If you’re looking for a new role or to add to your team contact Chris.


Over 25 years international recruitment and management experience, Joe ensures Vitruvian and the services it provides globally are tailored exactly to client needs. Contact Joe to see how Vitruvian can help you and your project.


Melanie controls our company finances, from our contractor payroll, to the main company accounts both in the UK and overseas.  10 years in-sector experience, and a pragmatic, solution focused approach means our back office runs as smoothly as our client facing operations.